My November blog project : day 3



This November day …… This morning when I woke O up for school he cried his heart out because he didn’t want to go , frankly I’m not prepared to drag him there crying and put him through any more stress so we snuggled up together in bed for a while , cuddled Maxi and Milo and then spent a lovely quiet day together.

It was the first day O has been able to have a real quiet day since half term started.

He wanted privacy which is his way of saying I want to be alone so he spent the afternoon in bed with the iPad relaxing ….. I took the opportunity to have a bit of quiet time myself.

A warm snuggly quiet pyjama day is sometimes just what the doctor ordered especially on a chilly November day.

For dinner I made cowboy pie
Which is simply chopped up sausages and beans which crushed up crisps and cheese on top.
Baked until the cheese has all melted .
I cooked onion rings to go with it ,
Aunt Bessie’s onion rings are the best.

Perfect chilly day food.

Every day I’m going to link to a blog I love as part of my my November blog project
Today I’ve chosen @SweetToothNim her blog is here
I’ve chosen her because I love her posts and she is joining in with my November blog project.
Pop over and take a look 😃 she’s blogged about cake , birthday parties and vaccinations.


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