My November blog project … Come on let’s enjoy November together !


it’s November
I love November almost as much as my favourite month , December.
November for me is all about cosy long evenings , bonfires , comfort food , cardigans , gloves and scarves , and woolly jumpers.
It’s acceptable to start talking about Christmas and it’s time to start planning and getting ready for the big day itself.
It’s time to start being a little more creative for things to occupy the kids as there are bound to be more indoor days.
I love the colours of the leaves , the frost in the mornings , the sound of the rain obviously when I’m indoors ! Mince pies are in the shops again , as are Christmas puddings which I love and which I feel are far to good to only eat on Christmas Day.

this month I’m going to try something new.

I’m launching my November blog project

It’s a blog every day type thing ( although you don’t have to blog every day and it’s all about November.

I would love people to join in , there are no set prompts as such
But this is what to include in your post each time
( you do to have to do it everyday I know it’s hard to always find time , just as often as possible)
aa photo ( without a description ) which says November ie: sums up something about November

a piece of writing titled either

Christmas is coming so ….
This November day …..

Mix them up , alternate them , tell us about what fun things you have done , maybe you’ve crafted fireworks or knitted a hat , splashed in muddy puddles , had a family duvet day with DVDs , a recipe to warm the soul on a cold day , tell us what you’ve been wearing ( Christmas jumpers , fab scarves we must buy ….) tell us how you’re getting ready for Christmas. You get the drift , yes ?

And because I believe in sharing blog love πŸ’œ include a link to a blog or blog post you’ve enjoyed reading. Not necessarily a “my November blog project “post !

If you would like to join in that’s all you have to do , when you tweet the blog link use the #MNBP hashtag and if you want to tweet me the link I will make sure it gets retweeted.

what are you waiting for ? Let’s enjoy November together !!


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