Feast of disappointments


Last summer me and the kids had a fabulous 7 nights at a haven caravan park.
Littlesea in Weymouth.
Actually my favourite place because my mum and step dad owned a caravan there so we had all of our holidays there.

One of our favourite things was getting up and going for breakfast at the on site restaurant the ” mash and barrel”
We also enjoyed many dinners there.

So this week when we stayed at the Orchards , another Haven caravan park we had high expectations of the restaurant and as the park was actually such a nice one I was sure the restaurant would be lovely.

We had our dinner there on the first night and all went well , the food was delicious and in big portions.

The kids had chicken or beef burgers in buns served with a plate full of big fat chips and salad, I had macaroni cheese with rustic garlic bread and we ordered some onion rings which are the best onion rings we’ve ever had.
We had told the 15 year olds friend who was on holiday with us how lovely breakfast would be so we were all really looking forward to it on our first morning.
The breakfast is served from 9 -11:30 , we arrived at ten.
We were seated and then waited a good ten minutes for our order to be taken.
The 17 year old ordered a savoury croissant , filled with melted cheese and ham , it was on the breakfast menu but the waitress looked at us like she had never heard of such a thing and then said they don’t even do them. it was on the menu !The rest of us ordered croissants , hot chocolates , apple juices and an orange juice for me.

After a wait of another ten minutes we were told there were only 3 croissants left so four of us ordered toast instead.
The hot chocolates came , barely warm the apple juices came , lovely and chilled , my orange juice came , warm !
Still no food.
We watched as everyone else came ordered and ate.
A waitress noticed we were still waiting and after 40 minutes we got our toast and ( no longer warm ) croissants
The toast was barely toasted , in fact some pieces were actually still bread.
We were completely disappointed , this breakfast cost me around £40 and was totally unsatisfactory.

We thought that perhaps we should have arrived earlier so we decided we would be first in line for breakfast the next day.

We had a take away pizza from pappa johns which is on site for dinner and looked forward to breakfast thinking surely if we were first we would eat breakfast like kings.

We did actually get to the restaurant first ( we were very eager )
We were seated and made our order.
This time two of us ordered a five item cooked breakfast and the rest of us two croissants each, what ? ,We like breakfast ! 😄 we ordered hot chocolates again and I went for an apple juice rather than a warm orange.

We sat and waited while other diners got their food.

And waited.

And waited.

And were then told that they were out of croissants , we ordered toast again and I made a point of saying that it wasn’t properly toasted the day before.
I was told the toaster was dodgy , so the toast could either be not toasted properly or burnt.
I said we would rather have it on the burnt side than not toasted atall.

The five item breakfasts came and were barely warm , the hot chocolates were once again barely warm and the toast took half an hour.

Again this set me back almost £40

We decided to make our own breakfast on the the third morning.

Although breakfast had not gone well we decided that as our first dinner had been so lovely we would try lunch.

However the only kids meal available out of quite a few was penne pasta with tomato sauce and garlic bread , there were four of us who wanted to order a variety of things from the kids menu ,
We ordered and we did enjoy our meal we had the penne pasta , baked potatoes with cheese and beans / chilli ,and ham and cheese farmhouse melts, it was disappointing that once again main items from the menu were unavailable. Especially as the food is lovely if you can get it.
I asked if they would have more things available at dinner time (I don’t know maybe I thought they would get a delivery as they were running out of everything) but no they weren’t getting anymore.

We had a big dinner from pappa johns instead.

Our stay at Littlesea last year was in peak holiday season and yet the mash and barrell was very efficient and made for great dining experiences.

Whereas at the Orchards there are obviously issues with meeting demand , and the table service is not efficient enough as we were ignored and left sitting waiting forty minutes just to get some toast with very little in the way of apology !

I would have liked to return to this particular park but I’m afraid this has put me off.


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