Our long weekend away : The Orchards , Haven


Friday was the day of our holiday.
At last.
I try to take the kids somewhere every year.
Only to caravan parks but getting away at all is nice.
This was one of the Sun newspaper £9:99 holidays but I must admit I paid £17 each to upgrade to luxury plus because I do like to be comfortable.

Our train journey there was quite uneventful and much easier than I expected.

When we arrived at Clacton because there was a McDonald’s near the station we kicked off the holiday with some lunch.
( not that we were starving , we had 3 Krispy Kreme doughnuts each on the train 😃)

We arrived at the caravan just before check in time at 3 so we had a little wait , when our caravan still wasn’t ready they quickly sorted us out with another one.

Our caravan was lovely. All clean and in working order. And very comfortable.
It was a bit of a walk from all the facilities but the fresh air and exercise was probably good for us.

The first thing we did was pop to the shop for bread , milk , cereal etc the shop was well stocked it even had fresh baked bread and rolls , obviously it was pricey £ 2:35 for 4 pints of milk !!! But it was the best of the shops out of the three haven parks I’ve stayed at.
I also noticed how friendly and cheery all the staff were.

After we had stocked up on the essentials we went for a swim.

I love swimming with the kids. It’s something we really enjoy doing together.
The pool was very nice there was a baby pool and a big pool. The changing rooms were clean and there were plenty of lockers !
We were lucky as the pool was never too busy , I guess because of the time of year we went.

We had Yahtzee with us and a deck of cards so we spent some time playing Yahtzee and card games another thing we enjoy doing but don’t do enough of.

In the evening we went to the on site restaurant ” the mash and barrel ” for our dinner.
We’ve eaten at the mash and barrel before at the Littlesea haven park so we had good expectations.
I have to say the whole restaurant experience was a let down ( this is a whole other blog post) although the food is very good and is served in very generous portions.

As we were tired from travelling we had a little go in the arcade and headed to the caravan for an early night.
We were in bed by half past 8 and we all had a really good sleep.
I slept better than I had in ages.

Saturday and Sunday were much the same , breakfast at the mash and barrel , swimming , a little go in the arcade , and after dinner we went to the club to watch the children’s shows.
They are a bit naff but O enjoys them and it’s just nice to do something we don’t do at home.

There was a nice little play park so we had a little play there and we hired karts on the Saturday and Sunday so the kids could ride around the site.

We were lucky with the weather , we managed to stay dry and the caravan wasn’t too cold at night.
We all packed a blanket each incase it was chilly , I don’t think any of them got used.

The 15 year olds friend came along with us. And I have to say she was a pleasure. O has taken a shine to her and she made me plenty of cups of tea and hot chocolate.

After the drama of not going home which you can read about here …http://wp.me/p3e49B-1L4 we travelled home today , Tuesday and again had a smooth uneventful journey home.

I certainly enjoyed a few days off from the housework and the everyday stress , the kids were mostly very good and despite Monday all going wrong we coped well with the situation !

The orchards , Haven , caravan site was a lovely place. And overall we really enjoyed staying there.

Now I need a holiday to get over our holiday.


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