Not going home


I was planning to write a post about our weekend away obviously and also one about the rather disappointing breakfast experiences we had but after the way our holiday has ended this post just had to come first .

We weren’t worried about the storm last night
I had checked with the caravan site and they assured me we were safe overnight and we had been watching travel updates on the news , greater anglia trains weren’t going To run until after 9 this morning but that was fine , checkout was 10 so there was going to be no drama for us , no sir !

We had a good nights sleep but woke up to some harsh winds
I had my suspicions that maybe things wouldn’t go so smoothly ,
We put the news on and it said that our train would be running after 10 so we carried on with checking out , we got the bus into clacton on sea and arrived at the station only to be told that there would be no trains this morning ,
We were told to keep checking the website for updates so we decided to head to mcdonalds and wait a while ,
It was a bit of a walk to mcdonalds so the kids were already grumbling
We had lunch but there was no change on the train website ,
It was becoming clear that we may not get home
We checked out the possibility of getting a coach back to london but there were none running today so we had a look online and found a premier inn with rooms available
Our plan was to walk to the station
Check out the train situation and if there were no trains to head to premier inn

By now the kids were very fed up
Boys of my autistic boys were stressed and agitated .

At the station we were told there were no trains running till morning
But we also found out that the premier inn was only accessible by train or car . Not by bus .

although we were pointed in the direction of a travelodge just down the road .
We headed there full of relief …………..
Lugged our cases up to the first floor to the reception
Had a few arguments on the way
But we got there too late
They had just rented out the last rooms

The receptionist recommended a hotel on the sea front …..but it meant another long walk , with our bags and cases .

When we finally got to the hotel we realised we were right by where we had begun at mcdonalds,
And there had been tears and tantrums on the way .

We managed to get two rooms , a 3 bed and a 4 bed and although we were lucky and the hotel was very nice the £110 was far more than i could really afford ,
I had no choice though .

We got settled into our rooms and the kids were in full on moan mode ,
You would have thought this was all my fault , when in fact I had been left with a huge hotel bill and another day of breakfast lunch and dinner to pay for ,
We went back to mcdonalds for the second time today for dinner and I bought some chocolate to ( hopefully) stop the moaning a little .

I was trying to look on the bright side
I’ve told the kids a million times today that it could be much worse
and I was hoping to relax and finish my book but the kids are bored and grumpy and hungry ( despite the two mcdonalds meals , chocolate and crisps )

We’ve played cards , watched tv , drunk hot chocolate till its coming out of our ears and still the kids have mostly moaned

Ive had to spend way over our holiday budget , I’ve had to ask my mum to be at mine for my shopping delivery this afternoon , and I’m sharing a room with 2 autistic boys who are both agitated tired and completely discombobulated , and quite frankly the kids have been completely ungrateful and unnecessarily difficult .

I plan to be on the first train out of here tomorrow !
And if i ever stay in a hotel again it will be without kids


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