Going away ….I guess I’d better start packing


It’s Tuesday night.
I’m laying in bed thinking that I really should be packed and organised by now.
We are going away on Friday.
For a long weekend.
Me and 6 kids.
5 of my own and 1 of someone else’s.

It will happen , we will of course be ready but not before a mad rushed panic happens on Thursday night.

It’s always the way.

This will be our third year going to a caravan park.

Although it’s only a long weekend this time I’m looking forward to it so much.

We will be swimming ALOT.
We love the naff cheesy entertainment in the club in the evenings and I won’t be making dinner.
We are planning one meal in the restaurant and two pizza meals from pappa johns.

I also love having breakfast in the
Croissant and fresh orange juice for me.

It’s so lovely to get up and wander down to the restaurant , eat , and then leave the breakfast dishes for someone else to clean up.
It’s a good way to start the day.

We are bringing Yahtzee with us because we love a game of Yahtzee and a hot chocolate together before bedtime.
It’s something we don’t do enough at home.

Obviously before we get there we have a train journey to do.
With two autistic boys , with OCD and social anxiety to contend with it will be * interesting *
For an hour of the two and a half hour journey we will be underground which O hates.
And on our last trip on the underground the 15 y/o passed put halfway to our destination , on the train.
I’m hoping this journey will be less eventful.
I reckon the Krispy Kreme doughnuts that we will be picking up on our way through Waterloo * might * help to make the journey a little easier.

It’s going to be a busy weekend
But a good Busy

Not a cooking , cleaning , housework kind of busy

I guess I really should start getting ready.

now where are our suitcases ?


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