So we went to CAMHS again * sigh *


Today we’ve been to CAMHS again.
For the boys review appointment.
I don’t know why , after 9 years you would think I’d know better but I always go to these appointments with a little hope. I don’t know what I’m hoping for , just something. and I always come away from the appointments feeling let down.

Dr.N our psychiatrist was pleased that O is sleeping well , the melatonin is working , but he noticed without me even mentioning that O’s motor tics are getting more frequent and he has more of them.
He wants to medicate him to help control the tics but although he asked the gp to arrange an ECG in August it still hasn’t been done.
I need to chase it up this week as he can’t prescribe the medication without an ECG.
We talked about school , or the lack of it.
Dr.N said that unless the school provide O with a full time one to one learning support assistant , with good knowledge of autism , He doesn’t think O will ever cope in mainstream school.

Although he said that it’s not going to be easy to get him a place at any of our local special needs schools , because our local schools are underfunded and don’t have enough places.
We talked about the school just not understanding O and he told us that in his experience schools just don’t.
He told us that many times he has given a school extensive talks and information to help them understand only for the staff to ask ” so how can we make this child behave like everyone else ”
He said its as frustrating for him as a psychiatrist as it is for a parent that schools just don’t have enough understanding and skills to deal with autism.
We then talked about my 17 year old.
He has been given new medication because aswell as ASD OCD social anxiety and Tourette’s he is suffering with depression.

In December he will be 18. So he is being discharged from CAMHS and referred to adult mental health services.
Dr.N told us that nine times out of ten when he refers 18 year olds they are discharged and referred back to their gps, even when they are diagnosed with severe depression.
So that’s what we can expect for J.

Dr .N said that because we live in an area where council taxes are low the mental health services are never going to be adequate.

He said we will have to fight hard to get any help and support at all for J.

J wasn’t diagnosed properly until after 9 years of being under CAMHS , he’s never had any therapy of any kind , he dropped out of education when he was 14 because he was never statemented ( when he should have been ) and now he will most likely be discharged from mental health services.
To say I’m angry about this is a massive understatement.

Why should it depend on where you live ?
Why should my boys be at a disadvantage because we live in a bit of a crappy area ?

On Thursday we have a TAC meeting for O at school.
His statement should have gone to panel last week so we shall see what they have to say about helping O properly.

But right now , what I have , still , is two boys who are both being massively failed by the system.


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  1. It’s such a struggle, but you are doing all you can. My sister is 17, she has only just got the help she needs, despite issues being raised since she was a child, and now they’ll soon be taken from her anyway. So frustrating, but keep going keep raising awareness. We should start a campaign x

  2. Well that was all a bit crap.
    However, can you quote Dr N at the meeting and would it make any difference? I know it’s so different in England from Scotland but it’s not about where you live here, it’s about being the squeaky wheel until they get so fed up with you they give you the support.
    I wish I could help somehow, it’s so wrong to see a sweet kid like O being failed so appallingly. And as for moving onto adult services, we’re not there yet but I am dreading it.

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