The reason I blog : guest post


I’m feeling a little meh ! Right now … Tired , run down a lot of important stuff coming up so I haven’t got my blogging head on atall. I asked if anybody on twitter would like to write a guest post for me titled ” the reason I blog ” ( because I’m always interested to hear how and why people got into blogging.

This post is by the very lovely @emilymorgan88

Why did I start blogging?
Interesting question really. I don’t know. For me. Initially my blog was my diary. I was newly diagnosed with PND and I just wanted a place to keep my thoughts. I then started blogging about M a little. Trying to find my place in the parenting blog market. I’ve never had a massive readership. It was more of a place for me to keep record of things. This
Blog then got dropped, and picked up, and has been dropped a little more recently. This is for a few personal reasons, and because I don’t really know what to say anymore.

I then decided to start a new blog. This one has nothing to do with M, or depression. This is my journey to loose weight.
Why did I start this blog?
A photo.
A photo was taken of me by my friend Rachel. It was a picture of me sat on her sofa cuddling her new bundle of joy and M jumped in for cuddles too. It’s essentially a lovely photo. I however hate it. I hate me in the photo. I look huge, my thighs look ginormous, it made me sad and it made me want to change. I wanted to loose weight for the right reasons and I want to learn to love my body.
I’ve decided to blog about it because I need to. I need to document it. I need to record progress. I need it as a tool to not let myself down. I’ve made it public, my posts are linked directly to twitter so it’s fairly public. It makes me feel motivated to not fail.

I blog about my weightloss to feel I’m not alone. To hope it will inspire. I hope it keeps me going.
So when I’ve lost the weight I want I can look back on it and see the complete journey.
I’ve also decided I want to help others love their bodies. I want people to realise it’s not all about the size zero. It’s about being healthy and happy. M had been mentioned in a few posts. Not massively. I don’t know if I want to blog about M anymore. I don’t know if parent blogging is for me. Reading other parent blogs with children around M’s age has on occasion made me sweat and stare in a blind panic. I think I hit want to enjoy him.
I’m going to continue the weight loss blog though for sure. It feels nice to write my posts and to share the journey. It is my diary. It’s for me. I’m happy people are following it and commenting, as well as taking a general interest, it’s lovely and heart warming. This blog is for me though and the stats are just an added bonus.

Maybe I will pick up the other blog again some time, but for now it’s having another rest whilst I decide what I want to be. Stats became too important. Stats shouldn’t matter, should they?

For now my concentration lies on the one where I go for it. For now I’m happy with this blog and how excited it makes me feel. For now I want to concentrate on that.

So to answer your question, why did I start blogging?
I started for me and where it leads me, I’m willing to go.

You can find Emily’s blog here ….

She’s a lovely tweeter a lovely blogger and a lovely lady. Take a look.

Thanks for reading xx


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