Bus stop madness


I don’t do this very often so forgive me ….. Today I’m writing a ranty post about something that is guaranteed to leave me in a seething rage every time.

I live in London. I love living in London. I’ve always lived here , in the same area apart from the 2 years I lived in Wales ( which I hated , sorry welsh readers)

London is full of people and busy , but luckily enough our buses are actually not bad. Where I live I’m lucky enough to be able to catch a whole load of different buses so I can get almost anywhere from here without too much difficulty. There’s usually not more than ten minutes between buses and you can even text a number on the bus stop to see when the bus is due.
Travelling on busy buses is something you get used to in London.
Often not getting a seat , standing like sardines , but one thing I just can’t ever get used to is the utter rudeness of people at bus stops

I’ve taught my kids to queue and get on buses politely , I always do , I let the elderly and people with buggies in front of me.

But most people seem to lose any manners or decency completely when they queue at a bus stop.

As an example , I popped to asda yesterday.
Got to the bus stop which was empty so I must have just missed the bus , within minutes there was quite a crowd , it was a good ten minutes till the bus came and as soon as it approached the bus stop everyone seemed to take on the mentality that they were getting on that bus first no matter what. I stood by the doors with a couple of carrier bags of shopping and at least 15 people pushed and shoved past me , some of them had only just got to the bus stop.
It wasn’t just me , they also pushed past elderly ladies and a lady with a buggy.

I cannot stand this behaviour.
Yes we are all in a hurry and all need to get where we are going but is there any need for the large majority of people to turn into pushing shoving animals with no manners.

A few years ago we lived a little further from the primary school. I was taking 7 kids on the bus every morning , with a buggy , always against the clock , yet we never pushed or shoved our way on. We waited our turn.

A couple of weeks ago my son was waiting for a bus , he was first at the bus stop but was pushed and shoved past so much that of the 3 buses that arrived at once he wasn’t able to get on any of them. He has ASD and social anxiety. It was very very distressing for him.
When people are behaving this way does it not cross thier minds that it could be someone’s granny or grandpa they are pushing past , or a pregnant woman or someone with a disability , it could be a child they are trampling just to get on the bus first.
It could be their granny , mum, child , etc being pushed and shoved.

chill out people
It’s only a bus
Remember your manners

if this one is full there will be another along in a minute.


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  1. I totally agree, it is so rude, you see the same type of behavior whenever there is a line of people waiting for something. I hate it too, and have worked hard to make sure my children NEVER behave like that!

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