I’m tired.
Tired in my bones.
Tired in my soul.

Tired of not moving forward.
Not knowing where it’s all going.
Tired of O only having 3 hours in school a week.
The same thoughts going round my head.
Should I pull him out.
Keep him home.
Protect him.
Is it better for him to go.
To learn to cope.
Will he learn to cope.
I know what happens to a child
That doesn’t get the right help.
That isn’t supported in school.
That doesn’t learn to cope.
It’s not good.
Every day is the same.
Going nowhere.
Trying so hard to get somewhere.

Not knowing if I’m doing it right.
Am I doing enough.
How to push through this tiredness.
It’s like hitting a wall ….. Again …. And again …. And again.
Does it get easier ?


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  1. Hi Mrs T. Your words are powerful and really strike a chord…this is the stuff going around my head all day (and night) but not able to define it as well as this. I actually felt sick the other day when someone said oh the kids are nearly into KS2 and I thought blimey its been over 2 years at school and DS still is unsettled, anxious and choosing not to participate in learning unless he has 1-to-1 support. I think about taking him out but what would the consequences be of that? I am only just starting to request a SA which is going to take ages to get him more support even if it is successful. We are just mums trying to do the best for our children..its a lot of pressure though! Sally x

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