We aren’t in the playground anymore ….


I’m not a judgemental person , or at least I try very hard not to be.
And it’s not my place to tell people how to do twitter.
But there is something that I see more and more of on twitter and I don’t like it.
For me twitter is a place where I can chat , vent , get support , have a laugh , and it’s also my main source of news.
I don’t buy the papers and I don’t always like to have the news on when the younger ones are around.
I would think that this is the same for many others.
Sometimes you need to chat to someone that isn’t a child.
Sometimes you need to let out some frustration , knowing that someone will respond with a kind word.
This is all lovely. It’s what makes twitter a good place.
But lately I see so much sniping, arguing, bitchiness , people sticking their oar in to disagreements only to make things worse.
I’ve seen people genuinely upset by the words of others on twitter. Sometimes it becomes like the playground. With people taking sides.
It’s not pleasant to watch !
I just don’t understand the need for this.
Personally I’ve not experienced this.
Only once have I been genuinely upset by someone on twitter.
I unfollowed them and got on with my life.
I didn’t see a need for anything more than that.
Twitter is my escape.
Not where I come to be stressed.

It’s inevitable that from time to time you will come across someone you don’t like.
The thing is ….. Don’t follow them.
Block them if you feel it’s necessary.

Disagreements ….. They are going to happen. We all have our views and opinions. We are all different. There’s nothing at all wrong with a bit of healthy debate , discussion.
It would be boring if we all just agreed with eachother.
It’s twitter , not the nodding dog society.
But , there’s no need to take a debate and make it personal.
To my mind there are 3 ways to deal with a debate that gets a little heated. ( and none of them include nastiness)
Either discuss the matter privately , by dm , email , whatever ,
Or agree to respectfully disagree
Or unfollow because you feel so differently about something that you no longer wish to be connected.
No big twitter row , no abuse , no upset.
Isn’t that all just …. Nicer ?

There’s something else that bothers me also …..
The spelling police / the grammar police ….

Some people can’t spell.
That’s a fact.
When you have a dig at someone about spelling or grammar you may be having a dig at somebody with a learning disability.
Or someone who doesn’t speak English as a first language.
….. Or someone who doesn’t care if they make a mistake here and there because it’s twitter , not an English exam.
I don’t enjoy seeing tweets get retweeted just so people can laugh at the mistakes.
I unfollow people for doing this.
It’s just not necessary.

It’s up to you how you use twitter , what you use it for , what you get out of it.

But isn’t it just a nicer place when people tweet without any intention to cause anybody any hurt.


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  1. You are right.I like twitter more than facebook but there is defo adarkside to it.What some people write is shocking and v.offensive.I agree with freedom of speech and all that but sometimes its like they actually don’t think about thier actions.I feel sorry for a lot of these trolls though cos they’re just projecting thier sad feelings onto others to feel better about themselves.If you’re truly happy with yourself the activities of others won’t bother you!

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