To blog or not to blog.


blogging …..

Is it something you have often wanted to do ? To give it a go ?

I started blogging because a) I really enjoyed reading blogs and I wanted to be part of that ” world”
b) because I had a lot of stuff on my mind and I’m a believer in getting things off your chest. My blog is basically free therapy for me.
C) I hope that something I write can help someone , or inspire someone , or even interest someone.

I don’t blog because I want to do reviews or sponsored posts although there’s nothing wrong with that.
I just feel that it probably wouldn’t fit well with what I write.

It’s a totally personal choice. I do enjoy reading reviews.

When you start blogging , it’s daunting !
Will it be rubbish , will anyone read it , will it be criticised ?
What will I write ?

But the thing about blogging is every blogger is different , we all have a different story to tell. We all have our own opinions.

Some write mainly as a record of their lives, and thier children’s lives. .
Some write to cause debate.
Some write to share knowledge …….

We are all different.

I have discovered that I like to write.
It relaxes me
And I’ve become quite good at blogging on the go. In my spare moments here and there. In bed, on a bus , on the loo ( sorry)

And most of all I’ve found massive support. Through blogging.

If you want to try blogging don’t let fear put you off.
If you feel you have something to say , to share , do it.

You’ll find your voice as you go, find your groove.

You’ll find that once you get started you’ll unlock more and more ideas and thoughts to write about.

Or you might find that actually it’s not what you expected.
Either way it’s an experience.

The first time you get a nice comment your heart will do a little flip and you may feel the need to do a little happy jig ……
The first time someone says you’ve inspired them or taught them something you will be enormously proud ….. That can only be a good thing.

If you have a blog inside your head trying to get out …… Go for it. Put it out there. Take the chance and see what happens.


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  1. What a thoughtful post. I started blogging as a way to record things that have happened to me and things that amused me. I started in 2006 and find it very interested to re-read those first posts and see how much I have changed especially in the last few years as we have started a family.

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