First morning …


I set out this morning thinking it was quite pointless taking O to school for an hour.
It turned out to be quite interesting.
I hadn’t seen O’s in school behaviour properly before.
I feel like I learnt things today.

We got to school just before 9 and went in through the playground , the way everyone goes in.
We had chatted all the way to school ,
In the playground a toddler pointed at O , this really bothered O he kept repeating to me ” what’s he looking at me for , what’s he looking at me for ” I told him that toddlers point at things all the time but he was very worked up. As soon as we got into the corridor O’s whole body language changed. He stiffened up. His movements became jerky.
We walked past some kids and O started repeating ” what you looking at me for , what you looking at me for ” he was quite agitated so I took his hand and asked him to show me to the learning support room.

The SENCO gave us our timetable for the week , and gave O the work he had to do today , the LSM also came into the room.
I noticed they both asked O straight away if he had had a good weekend and what he had been up to …. This clearly made O uncomfortable. He was squirming in his chair and didn’t offer up any information about the weekend.
I helped him out a little.
And then we got started on his work
The classroom was empty for 10 minutes and O was working quite well. Then a small group came in to work with a teacher and O got very agitated. Every time someone spoke he jumped out of his seat and shouted it’s too loud it’s too loud.
He found it really hard to concentrate and could not sit still. He was walking around the table and fiddling about pouring his water out.
I managed to get him in his seat by literally holding him there. And I had to keep rubbing his back and patting him.
Once the group had finished and left the room O found it much easier to concentrate.
We finished what he had been given to do and as we had ten minutes left and O was desperate to get out I got my phone out and we used the calculator to add up his maths.
Luckily he’d got all him sums right.
So we finished on a good note.
His learning mentor gave him a tick on a reward chart and told him that when he gets to 5 he will get a reward. And O managed to have a little chat. Much more comfortably than he had earlier on.

I was really pleased that we got his work finished , and managed to have a nice morning in school.
I think O has begun to associate school with only bad things.

I’m glad I have seen O how he is at school. And I hope that I’m going to be able to get him through this week just as well as he did today.
Hopefully he will lose some of his negative associations , And maybe school will see that O can be handled in a way that works.


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  1. Poor boy – sounds like he cannot filter out the massive distraction that are other people – hence why he worked so well when he was alone. Be interesting to see if he works as well (alone) with someone other than you, like a TA. If so, it’s not so much the school, as all the numbers of people in it. So pleased he did all his sums right though 🙂

  2. My son has to wear the hunting style ear protectors in church. It seems to help a lot and he takes them on and off as needed. Sounds like he is just overwhelmed and sometimes medication will help. Best wishes!!

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