Thank you 💜


this post may be a bit soppy , forgive me.

I’ve had twitter for a few years now.
I started out as many do , following celebs , which quickly gets boring.

I gradually dropped the celebs and put a few tweets out there.
Unsure if anyone would read them.
Surprisingly they did.
They followed me in thier droves.

Well , actually I was stuck on 87 followers for the longest time

But I started to make friends.
To have conversations
To become interested in these random strangers I was finding.
I liked them.

I then started to blog , because I’ve been going through a lot and I found that writing was a good way of processing my own thoughts.
And also I thought maybe someone else may find they could relate to my writing.

I had no idea back then , only a few months ago really what an incredible network of support was building around me.

Through twitter and my blog I have found an incredibly supportive autism network. Full of people who understand , who know much more than I know , who care !
As well as many many other people who have been a massive support to me.
I genuinely count my twitter friends as friends.
Some of them have been with me ( virtually) when I went to the doctors, when I’ve had school meetings some of them have been supporting me , even though it’s been through my phone. Giving me a push , holding my hand , making me stronger.
. Even when I’ve been for my dreaded blood tests twitter has come with me and someone has always been there on my phone to help me.
Some of them I’m desperate to meet.
I have found so much information and support about autism through twitter aswell as a wealth of information about school and the SEN minefield.

When I’ve struggled and fought and almost lost hope in CAMHS twitter and my blog readers have supported me.

You shared my excitement about getting a kitten 3 weeks ago , you came with me to collect him and saw the first pics of him on the bus.

You comforted and advised me and sometimes teased me about the mice
You tweeted to ask if we had caught them.
You tweeted me about little mice with clogs on.
A twitterer even came and blocked up my mouse holes.
You told me to sing loudly and make noise while I was in the kitchen so they wouldn’t bother me.
You have supported me with my other autism blog ( butterfly minds ) tweeting the links when I’ve asked you to and when I haven’t asked.

You even bought me a washing machine. ( well , not all of you but @HomelessBeanies did )

I’m not the best tweeter , I’m often , if I’m honest a bit wrapped up in my problems. And I forget to tweet. To reply. But you stick by me.

It’s lovely when I get tweets asking if O has had a good day.
It shows me that more people care about O , me , us than I ever imagined.
What I’m trying to say , in a very long winded way is THANKYOU.
Thank you for reading my blog(s)
Thank you to those of you on twitter that I would really class as my friends ( though we haven’t met )
Thank you for the love and care that I can feel you feel for my O. It means the world to me.

Thank you for listening, supporting and making me stronger.

I can’t think of anything I’d rather have in my pocket then lots and lots of friends.
Twitter I salute you , and I love you.


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