Outrage ….


I’m not one of life’s permanently offended. I don’t do general outrage because I just don’t have the space in my head right now for the worries of the world.
Yesterday I saw the twitter debates about GTA. I Read with interest but I couldn’t be bothered to throw my two pennies worth in. I don’t believe children should be allowed to play games like GTA I think they are totally inappropriate but it’s not my place to decide whether or not another parent is right or wrong to let their child play it.

But then later in the evening I saw something that really did cause outrage. I was outraged.
Asda selling the mental patient fancy dress costume.
Mental illness is never something to be joked about. Mental illness can have terrible effects on the lives of those who suffer as well as those around them.
Mental illness can split up families , cause people to lose money , their homes , their sense of worth , self esteem , their lives.

What’s funny about that.
And mental health patients don’t walk around smeared in blood brandishing an axe. They look just like you and me.
Chances are they are you and me.

I think asda was hugely insensitive putting this costume on sale.
So much needs to be done to end the stigma surrounding mental illness.
And asda have simply made a joke out if it.

This mornings I continue to be angry because I’ve seen a lot of people on twitter and Facebook ( the usual lot who like to show they aren’t outraged by anything by being outraged about the outrage) moaning that “it’s only a costume , what’s all the fuss.
It’s funny , all the fun is being taken out of Halloween”.
I’m not offended by zombies , ghosts , ghouls , witches , wizards , grim reapers , I think plenty of fun can be had without ridiculing the mentally ill.
I don’t want to see the fun taken out of Halloween.
Its not only a costume , it makes light of something that effects a vulnerable group of people.

I’m angry that people thing it’s ok to let something like this go unchallenged.

Would they be so blasé about it if they were affected in any way by mental illness.

Why do we not protect the vulnerable people in our society.


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  1. Well said – it’s a short step from saying “it’s only a costume” to a far more sinister thought pattern. Which has happened before. Why would we want to encourage ridicule of illness? Made me so angry!

  2. Disgusting what they have done but if one good thing can come out of this it’s that further awareness has been raised as to how common mental health problems are and that also i actually think it’s encouraging that a lot of companies,carers etc spoke out and made it headlines because it proves thatmore people are accepting it now and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

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