Butterfly minds ….. My dream


I’m laying in bed poorly tonight , with a PSA , IBS and migraine flare up , oh did I mention vomiting ?
Anyway all this joy is almost certainly caused by having spent the week at the mercy of those who still don’t understand or have an knowledge or acceptance of autism.
I’ve ended this week furious , frustrated and a bit dejected.

As some of you know I have another blog butterfly minds.
Now I’m no expert on autism it’s only a small blog but what my dream is , is to make a place with links to all the places where there is great advice.i would like to put links to blog posts about autism.

Information about autism

Anything autism related that may be useful.

So that people can find ALL this stuff in one place.

This really means a lot to me. I want it to be easier for people to find this stuff.

If you write an autism related post , pop me the link and I will pop it on the site.

If you read something important again pop me the link

Raising money for charity ?? You know what to do …. Pop me the link.

If you know anything that would help make the site better tell me.

Make suggestions.

I know us autism parents are passionate. Please spare a bit of that passion to help me make a site for people to find ALL of our blogs in one easy place.
And find support.
And learn about resources.

My mumblingsonthevergeblog is what I do for fun , in my free time , it’s personal and it’s mine.

Butterfly minds is different.
It’s my passion and my dream to raise awareness and understanding.

And to help people find stuff easily.
As well as putting your autism blogs out there.

Any help whatsoever will be appreciated.

Thanks for reading ,G xx


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