The mouse ….. That wasnt


As you may know we had a mouse problem , we caught 4 , a lovely twitterer came and blocked up the suspected mouse holes and since then we’ve had no mice for 4 days .
Because of the mouse problem i bought a kitten , obviously .
The kitten has toys , you can see whats coming cant you

This morning on the way to school O said to me “wouldnt it be funny if you came home today and found a mouse ”
” no O ” said I ” i would not be laughing .

Anyway i took O to school , went to the doctors and came home gagging for a tea
Ive got used to checking the traps out of the corner of my eye
I dont want to see a mouse , even in a trap .
The trap was shut .

Cue hyperventilating , crying , panic , my eldest was asleep , what could i do ?
Oh god i was going to have to take a look
I looked with my eyes half open
Yep , a mouse , caught in the trap !!

I called my eldest , help me D theres a mouse ….. I cant …..i cant ….. I just ……. HELP ME

I waited while he grumbled about being woken up

Then i saw it
A bright pink ear
A blue body
Black googly eyes

Do mice look like that ?

Is that….. It….. Is ……its Milos toy mouse
In the trap

O , you got me good and proper

Im sure i will laugh about this ……..when i can breathe again !🐭


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  1. O, what a brilliant prank. I, like your Mum, would have been hysterical – i’ve been known to pack a suitcase when confronted by anything with more than 2 legs, unless it’s a dog or cat.
    Don’t worry O, your Mum will reenter Earth’s orbit sometime before Christmas and then she’ll see the funny side πŸ™‚

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