Take that first step…….. Just do it


If happens to most of us at some point
You dont choose it , it chooses you
It doesnt make you a lesser person
But it can have a huge detrimental impact on your life

When you are already in the grasp of anxiety
Asking for help can be scary
It can feel like a mountain you just cant climb

But the thing is you must ask for help
For yourself And for the sake of those that depend on you

You must climb that mountain
If it takes every bit of strength you have to climb that mountain

Because trust me when you have climbed it
You will be on your way to the first step of
Getting better

If that mountain takes all your strength , dont fear ,
there will be more strength for you on the other side
There will I promise you !

Pick up your phone and make an appointment
with the gp you feel most comfortable with
If the nosey receptionist asks what its about whisper to her that you have an itchy bum.she will soon wish she hadn’t been so nosey.

You have been brave already …. Making the appointment

Now find support
Find a RL person to go with you , hold your hand
Or if you prefer find virtual support
I sat in the waiting room this morning tweeting and texting 3 lovely ladies from twitter
They gave me courage
Reassured me that i wouldn’t look stupid
And made me believe i could do it.

When you see the gp , Do not be afraid to cry
lay your cards on the table , be honest , ask for help

Then you have done the hardest part

And now things will start to get easier

Then go and have a cup of tea and a biscuit and tweet your favourite twitters tell them how proud you are

seriously if you are suffering from anxiety and its impacting on your life , make that phone call , take a deep breath …. Dial and know that you are doing the right thing, a massively brave thing

please , do it …..do it now .and if you need support to help you do it just Ask

you will be okay , I promise you

And if you know someone who needs support ,hold out your hand , tell them it will be okay and show them the way ….please


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