Me ! In a nutshell


This post is inspired by @mammybear84 after I read her post today , !
I write alot about stuff, the kids, autism ,food , lots of stuff but nothing about Me.
A few people have suggested I write a bit about me ……so here goes!

You can call me G ! I’m 38 , a Christmas Day baby. The youngest of 2 daughters.
I lived in the same area all my life , except for 2 years in Wales , which I hated ( sorry welsh readers) I’ve stayed within the same 5 miles.
I like it that way. I don’t like new places.
I don’t like change.
I was married at 18 , 8 months pregnant ( classy ) in a Dorothy Perkins maternity dress and bare feet.
Then divorced at 28. I have 7 children. Aged 20 17 16 15 14 12 and 8.

We have a tinyYorkshire terrier Maxi , who thinks she is a huge guard dog and eats kitten food.
And a kitten , Milo. He has made me love cats.

We also have two guinea pigs , lily and daisy.

Growing up I spent a lot of time ( school holidays) in Norway. Where my mum comes from.
I love Norway. It feels like where I really belong.
Maybe one day ?
We had lots of snowy Christmases and lovely hot summers at my grandparents summer house in the country.
I lost my dad when I was 9 to cancer.
But was lucky to have a wonderful step dad from the age of 11.
He had Alzheimer’s and we sadly lost him 3 years ago.

I miss him all the time.

I don’t eat meat. Since my first day in secondary school when the big kids told us the sausage rolls were made from pigs ” bits” * dry heaves* I cried and swore I’d never eat meat again ,
I never did.

Two of my boys have autism , which is not easy but has made me determined to strive for awareness and acceptance of autism.
I’m still quite new to blogging but I want to use my blog for this !

My favourite thing to do is read.
I love to read.
I love books.
I like anything but sci fi. I haven’t got my head around sci fi yet.
I like to watch friends. That’s my favourite thing to watch.
It makes me laugh every time.
I also love two and a half men and Whitney.
American comedy makes me laugh.
I also love the xfactor.
My unwavering love of the xfactor has a lot to do with Gary barlow and Dermot.

Which brings me on to take that.
I love take that. ( aside from their newest album) I love mark and I love Gary and I love Robbie.
One of my favourite nights ever was in June when me and my 14 year old saw Mark in concert.
I’ve mentioned my dodgy music taste many times before.
I like one direction ( sorry) olly murs , boy zone, west life.
My 3 favourite songs right now are ,beneath your beautiful , girl on fire and a thousand years.

I never said I was cool.

I don’t / can’t / won’t eat ketchup , polystyrene scares the bejeezus out of me and if there’s blood I run.

I can’t sleep with socks on , but I can’t walk around barefooted.
I’m not the cleanest neat freak but I need EVERYTHING to be where it should be AT ALL TIMES ( or I will freak out)

You will probably not see me in anything other than jeans.
Jumpers are my favourite.
And NOBODY is ever allowed to take a photo of me .

I like to be in bed by 9 and id rather watch a DVD with the kids ( as long as pringles dip and coke are included) than go out.
I’m so rock and roll.

I’m also incredibly shy and awkward.
I’m the person who never knows what to say.
I’m usually the one in the corner.

I love my blog. It’s something I’m really proud of.
It makes me so happy whenever anybody says they liked a post.
Especially if something I
Have written has helped someone.
Which I’ve been told it has .

I think that’s about it.
Me in a nutshell.

* takes a bow , backs out of the room *


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  1. Its lovely to know abit more about the person behind the blog! I can’t understand your ketchup hate though, i *love* it! I’ll put ketchup on anything and everything!! =D x

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