Coming undone …


you think that I’m strong , you’re wrong .

O started this term so well.
I thought we had really hit the ground running , but already less than 2 weeks in its all coming undone.
Last week on Monday O had a bad day and wasn’t in the classroom at all.
Wednesday he refused to go to the PRU and had a big meltdown at school.
Thursday he wasn’t feeling well so he pulled some displays down.
Friday he refused both school and PRU.
Not a great week.
Today I knew it wasn’t going to be a great day when O told me this morning that he was ” probably not going to feel well in the afternoon. ”
He did tell his teacher he didn’t feel well but as he didn’t have a temperature they didn’t send him home.
Another day of not being in the classroom at all and pulling displays off the walls.
I’m almost certain that when O says he isn’t feeling well it actually means he’s struggling.
I asked him , he said he is finding it hard being there all day.
He was also furious and frustrated all the way home today as he feels that the maths work he is being given is for babies.
It’s far too easy for him.
Lunch is another issue. He isn’t enjoying school dinners at all. But he is reluctant to change as he doesn’t believe that school will realise he has changed to packed lunch , I’ve explained over and over again that I will let the office know. But O still doesn’t want to change …. Just in case.

My anxiety on both the morning and afternoon school runs is going through the roof.
I just never know what to expect anymore . Ever .
Sometimes it’s a sad quiet boy ,
Sometimes he has streaks of tears down his face and red eyes ,
Sometimes he’s angry , so angry and frustrated , today he shouted all the way home he said he was so frustrated he didn’t even know what to say anymore.
This is awful.

It seems that in reality not much had really changed since last term.
And I don’t know what to do.


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  1. Oh that’s so sad… Sounds like the school is definitely not right for him. Have you any other options or is that a daft question ? 😦 fingers crossed it takes a change for the better soon x

  2. I’m sorry things are so hard for O and you – I’m sure you are both exhausted by it all. Try and remember tht although it feels like back to square one, you are so much further on than even a couple of months ago – you have a diagnosis, an understanding (at last) from the school, a teacher that seems committed and to care. All that work you put in to get this far won’t be wasted I am sure. X

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