Like it or not Christmas is creeping up


This post is about Christmas. Look away now if you’re a Christmas moaner.
It seems Christmas is creeping up on us. Shops are selling Christmas things , there are Christmas puddings in the shops ( which makes me very happy) I’m even planning to stock up on them as i must them throughout the rest of the year , and twitter is telling us that there are 15 weeks to go. Twitter and Facebook are full of people saying its too early.
And so comes the moaning.
I know it’s only September. But for most of us Christmas is a big spend that takes some mighty saving, planning and bargain hunting.
There’s ALOT to organise and ALOT to buy.
So why not start early.
I think it’s fair to say that Christmas is something that most of us want to get just right. We want to give our famines a perfect Christmas.
So if that means buying some cards here and there , getting the advent calendars and chocolates for the stockings in while they are on offer in some shops and picking up some presents when we see them on offer it can only be a good thing.
Christmas is my favourite time , it’s also my birthday and I want it to be lovely.

I will be embracing the C word and making myself a list of things to buy and organise and I will be starting now. I don’t want a big headache in December. In December I want to enjoy school Christmas shows , hot chocolates , winter wonderland Christmas TV and the excitement of the run up to Christmas.

I’ve already bought one present.

So you won’t see me moaning when I see Christmas decorations in shops , but you will see me picking some up here and there !



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  1. I love Christmas, and Christmas season always starts early for me. Mind you, I’m in the Christmas decorations business. Oh by the way, it’s a wonderful business to be if you love Christmas, as we practically enjoy a five-months Christmas season 🙂

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