Something fishy…


We have had Maxi our dog for two years. She is a Yorkshire terrier. She’s also the worlds fussiest dog.

We got her at 12 weeks old , and for the first few days she just wouldn’t eat. I took her to the vet and they kept her in for a couple of days to try and get her eating , she was barely showing an interest , they suggested I try giving her plain cooked chicken.
It took a while but she soon started to like the chicken.
I kept trying her on dog food. I tried all the kinds my vet sold. We tried prescription dog food , I bought every kind of dog food I could find.
She wasn’t having any of it.
I tried tuna , I even tried cat food.
No interest.
We had a rabbit , Rocky , he lived indoors , Maxi would eat his food , but only that and chicken.
She’s in good health so it’s not been a huge worry it just seems so very boring for her.

Anyway on Tuesday we got this little boy


Maxi was far from impressed.
Today though they have made friends. Not best friends but they have played happily with eachother for a long time today.
They even napped together

At lunch time I put Milo’s food, a pouch of steamed sardine food in his bowl and put it on the floor for him.
Maxi jumped up and gobbled the whole lot up. She was licking her lips and looking for more afterwards.

I’m going to try buying her some dog food in pouches , so it looks like Milo’s food and feed them at the same time.
Maybe she will eat it if she thinks it Milo’s.



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