Preparing for our new arrival


When I told twitter that I have a mouse in the kitchen ( and I’m terrified) the overall response was that I need a cat.
I’m not a cat person , I haven’t ever really seen the appeal.
I see cats as aloof and independent ,
Unlike my Yorkshire terrier Maxi who is cuddly , needy and throws a welcome home party every time I come through the front door.
Yesterday at lunch time after a week of living in fear of a mouse I decided I do want a cat. I need one. Then suddenly I had to have one right now.
We scoured the Internet all evening and eventually found a black male kitten just a short bus ride away.
For someone who isn’t a cat person I got very excited. We chose his name …Milo and this morning I went out and bought everything he will need to start with.
I’m making a big fuss of Maxi today as I think she is going to be very annoyed about us getting a cat.
I’ve decided he won’t be allowed to sleep in my room , as that’s where Maxi sleeps and she was here first , so he’s going to sleep with the girls in thier room.
I’m going to add him to my pet insurance as Maxi had an accident a week after we got her ( before she was insured ) resulting in a £3000 vet bill.
And I won’t make a huge fuss of him tonight although I want to , as I don’t want to upset Maxi.

I’m all ready for him and very excited , I’m not going to collect him until 5:00pm …. That’s seems like a long time right now.


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