The one with the houseguest


We have a house guest.
An unwelcome one.
A mouse 🐭 I’m aware that there could be more than one but I’m telling myself it is just one because frankly one is more than I can cope with.

Last week on the first day back to school I was up at 5:30 a:m , stumbled half asleep into the kitchen and out of the corner of my eye saw a mouse run across the floor.
To say I screamed , cried , hyperventilated and woke the kids up asking them to come in the kitchen to protect me is a massive understatement.
I went a bit mad making sure all out food was out of reach and safe , putting almost everything in the fridge. I bought a new bin , our last one had lost its lid.
I didn’t see the mouse again.
I knew it was there but I didn’t see it.
I’ve been making the kids sit in the kitchen with me every time Ive been in there.
I’ve been taking a plastic pirate sword down with me if I have to go down at night.
But I was ok.

Then last night. The washing machine was playing up. I had to take the filter out. Then I couldnt get it back on. I asked the 14 year old to have a go at putting it on …. She walked into the kitchen before me and stopped and stood for a while ” I just saw a furry butt run under the cupboard ”

I freaked out completely.
I screamed , cried , broke down …. I had to ask the 14 year old to make my Horlicks at bedtime , I stood in the kitchen with her , shaking , crying not being able to breath.
I was very disappointed in myself. The kids aren’t scared , I’m terrified. I went to bed early so I didn’t have to see the mouse.
This morning I waited until the girls went downstairs to go in the kitchen.
Now I’m home alone while they are at school.
I’m too scared to get the washing out of the machine , prepare dinner or put the shopping away when tesco arrives.
I know it won’t hurt me , or do anything to me but I just can’t cope with seeing it.
I’ve ordered humane traps ( the vegetarian in me won’t let me kill them )
They are coming tomorrow.
But then I will be faced with the possibility of seeing a mouse , I know it will be trapped , in a trap. But I will have to see it.
That terrifies me.

The kids will have to deal with that.

For now I’m hiding upstairs in the living room until the kids come home.


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