The one where I made cottage pie and lasagne * eventually *


On the meal plan today was cottage pie and lasagne. Lasagne for 4 of us cottage pie for the other 4.
The joy of catering for fussy kids.
It’s one of our favourite dinners.
We have Yorkshire puddings , peas , veg , mint sauce and garlic bread with it.
I was off to a great start. I peeled the spuds in the morning like a super organised person.
I will admit I cheat , I use a jar of cottage pie sauce and dolmio lasagne sauces.
Don’t hate me , I’m busy.
But the fact that I use quorn mince in both dishes does make it healthier than a shop bought ready meal.


Obviously my kids have never knowingly made anything easy for me so of course they won’t eat sauce with bits in * sigh*
I always whizz the sauces up in the blender.
Today my blender decided to go into retirement.
It wouldn’t switch on.
I tried to change the fuse.
What a palava that was. I popped the fuse from the toaster in the blender plug but it still didn’t work , and I can’t get the toaster plug back together. Luckily I own teenage boys so it will get fixed , eventually.
So I had to leave the cooking and dash to Argos for a blender.
I must say I’ve been needing a new blender for a while , I just didnt want to get one in the middle of making dinner.
I got to Argos and back in record time. With a lovely new blender , much better than my old one and finally whizzed up the sauces.

I made the mash for the top of the cottage pie. Mash is one if my favourite foods. It has to have lots of milk , lurpak , mature cheddar and black pepper.


I bunged it all in the oven , washed up and had a cup of tea ( I needed one after that hoo-ha) while it cooked.

the cottage pie ready for the oven I like the mash to look a bit hearty on top , we’re going to eat it not photograph it …..oh !


It was worth the wait and the palava …




Next week I’m going to try making the sauce from scratch.
Tune in to see how that goes ….

Thanks for reading x


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