Pizzap !


Yesterday it was homemade pizza day on the meal plan.
We made our pizzas using tesco ready to use dough.
The dough was sticky , messy and really hard to roll , but the pizzas were delicious. I love having exactly what I want on a pizza and as the kids are fussy it’s good for them to have exactly what they like. This was my pizza …



We were supposed to have homemade lasagne and cottage pie today ( four of us like one the other four like the other) but we had so much of the pizza Ingredients left.
I pushed today’s menu forward to tomorrow and decidedto use up the leftovers. Meaning I actually got two days meals out of the ingredients.
We had no dough left so I thought we’d try using wraps for the base.
We always have wraps in the house. We love them.


The kids were all a bit ” well that’s not gonna work is it ”
But actually they were even tastier than yesterday’s. The wraps make a very light thin crispy base. Without being dry.
The kids have cheese , salami , ham , a bit of onion and peppers.
I had tomato , green pepper , red pepper , red onion , fresh basil , cheese and mozzarella , the kind that comes as a squishy wet ball.


We’ve decided this is the way forward , you can buy wraps cheaply ( although I like the mission ones best ) and we thought they make the best pizza ever.

We’ve called them pizzaps (pizza + wrap , I know we are quite imaginative aren’t we :-/ )

If you make homemade pizza you absolutely must buy the pizza express passata ( available in tesco , probably other supermarkets ) it really does make your pizza , or indeed your pizzap rather special.

Thanks for reading , now go make pizzaps x


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