Meal planning : what were eating this weekend


I’m always very jealous when I see peoples meal plans. I want to be that organised , and as I’ve said before it helps us to eat better because we think about what we will eat and it saves money to have a plan and stick to it. Often I can buy things that will be used for a couple of meals .for example I might make quorn Goujons with mashed potato , the next day I’ll make the remaining Goujons and serve with a salad , then the next day the remaining salad will be used in cheese salad wraps.
I write the meals on a magnetic board thats stuck on the freezer.
I was meal planning a little while agoabut it fell by the wayside because there was just so much else going on.
But I’ve been doing it for a couple of weeks now …..

This is the meal plan for the next three days

Friday homemade pizza ( I will be using ready made dough because I’m no Wonder Woman )

Saturday homemade quorn lasagne / homemade quorn cottage pie

homemade quorn curry with nan bread

I will admit that on weekdays there isn’t as much homemade stuff as I don’t have so much time but I’m going to try to incorporate at least 2 homemade weekday meals.

What’s on your menu this week ?


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