The one where it all went well


I didn’t sleep last night. Again.
Too much worry about today.
Would the 17 year old get to college for his second day , he had to make his way there alone , and would O cope , I knew they were planning to start him off straight in the Classroom. He hadnt been in the classroom since Christmas.

It turns out I needn’t have kept myself up all night worrying. I woke the two boys at 7:00a.m there was plenty of nerves and anxiety , O’s tics which have been mild over the summer came back with a vengeance but both got ready to go with a minimum of fuss.
I was amazed when we left , O said he wanted to try without his hoody , he didn’t even want his hat.
We left the 17 year old at the bus stop on our way , he was full of anxiety , and O was very noisy ( tics) all the way to school.
We were met by his TA and although he was a bit all over the place O went in just fine.
The 17 year old came home at 1:00 pm. He’d managed well , even made a friend , on his second day which is amazing
I half expected school to phone about O. Last term they called every day asking me to collect him.
The call never came.
At 3:30 he was all smiles in the playground. His TA and teacher spoke to me , he had had a couple of wobbles but they had managed to deal with it , his teacher said he and O had had a few good chats today , and he stayed in the classroom all day. For the first time since Christmas.
So he had no hat or hoody
He did a full day for the first time in months
And he stayed in the classroom all day.

The 3 girls also had a good day. The 12 year old went back on Tuesday , she’s all settled in already. And the other two were fine.

I’m over the moon today.
I’m not foolish enough to think its going to be like this every day for the boys. They will of course have struggles but a good start is a good foundation for the rest of the year.

I might just sleep tonight πŸ˜„


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