The one with the cheesy leeks


I’ve said on my blog recently that I wanted to start more home cooking and making things , but I lack Inspiration.
I can cook , well I can follow a recipe but I just have no ideas. My lot are quite fussy and I’m both time poor and cash poor .
When I saw that Lucy and Sophie ( @lucy_SG and @OptForOptimism) had got together to make a new blog
I was very intrigued because I know from twitter that they are both good at making things , saving money and I’m often quite jealous when Lucy tweets her family’s dinner.
The first thing I came across was their Christmas cookie jars , I’m definitely going to be making these for Christmas , I love the idea and I also came across the recipe for Cheesy Leeks. I love leek but I never know what to do with it … I set off to sainsburys for the ingredients …. All of which were very cheap , I already had cheese and black pepper and although the olive oil wasn’t cheap I will be able to use it again and again.

You’ll have to go to their blog for the recipe and method because its not my recipe to give

I’m going to serve the cheesy leeks with mashed potato , quorn Goujons and peas.

I chopped my vegetables in the morning while my tea was brewing , nice and quick and left them till dinner time ….


I might have chopped the leeks a bit small but I’m a bit fussy about big bits.

I have 1 leek , some onions and garlic left and 100ml of cream left so ( assuming we like it ) I will use them up to make it again but 1/2 the quantity ( no waste ) I hope @ThePiePatch will be proud of my frugality.

It was very quick and easy to cook.
And it was delicious.
I was going to take a photo when it was cooked and on our plates but actually it came straight out of the oven onto the plates and in our tummies.

This is what some of it looked like


I will definitely be making it again.
I think it would be especially nice on a big baked potato !

So the Cheesy Leeks from @ThePiePatch are a definite thumbs up.

Next I’m going to try their fajitas , but with quorn mince instead of meat.


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  1. What a lovely post! I’m so glad you enjoyed the recipe. Makes me feel all warm & squishy inside that you gave it a go. Hopefully there’ll be plenty more to come! πŸ™‚

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