The one where we talk about nits


If your child is starting school or going back to school I’m afraid that sooner or later headlice will make an appearance in your lives.
Head lice are horrible. They are itchy and uncomfortable. One becomes a head full in a very short space of time. And if you have a child that still comes into your bed if they get them you will get them.
And there is always somebody whose parents aren’t vigilant in checking for them.
I find that a quick five minutes all over every day with a nit comb can save you from spending hours combing the head of a child who won’t sit still when they are suddenly infested.
You need a good bit comb. I think the nitty gritty is a really good one.
In my opinion plastic ones are useless and if you buy a cheap one the teeth bend or become loose. Your child won’t enjoy having their hair ripped out by a cheap comb with bent teeth. I know this from experience. Applying conditioner to the hair before hand can make combing easier. I use a cheap own brand or value one just for this purpose.
You can buy nit repellant shampoo and sprays. I don’t know the scientific conclusion as to wether or not these work but in my opinion they certainly help.
They are worth paying out for because nit lotions cost a fortune.
No matter how pretty your child’s hair Is its best to always always tie it back in fact plaiting it is best as it won’t be swishing around all over the place.
If you are misfortunate enough to get an attack of the nits don’t be embarrassed to tell the class teacher. Our school sends out letters saying that someone has nits and advising everyone to check the child’s hair. Of course there are some that don’t bother but If one child has them chances are there are more. If everyone tackles the problem ASAP it should nip it in the bud.
Until the next time.
My chemist told me that a little bit of brylcream ( is that how it’s spelt ? ) on the hair makes it harder for the little buggers to get a hold.

invest in a good comb

a comb through every day beats hours trying to comb out an infestation

use a cheap conditioner to make combing through easier , or a detangling spray

tie the hair back , plaited if possible

use nit repellants with tea tree oil

try a bit of brylcream

give the class teacher a heads up if your child has them

In my experience all the expensive nit lotions and potions are a waste of money.
I would always say that regular combing and checking is the best way to go about staying nit free !


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  1. My oldest brought home lice when he was 3 from daycare. I gave him a buzzcut, which was easy, and he was still adorable. But my hair is down to my waist, and as I was a single mom at the time, I had to get a friend over to comb all the nits out. A horrible, awful experience, but one that showed me she is a true and lifelong friend!!

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