The one where they all go back to school


Well this is it. The end of the summer holidays. This week is back to school .
Back to normal.
Except its a new normal for us. And I think it might take some getting used to.
The 3 girls will slip straight back into the routine. Z starts year 8 on Tuesday , she goes to a lovely posh girls school , she’s looking forward to seeing her friends again. E and L start year 10 and year 11 on Thursday , their school is quite a trek , over an hour by bus but they enjoy school.
But , the boys , well B and J ( the one with autism ) start college on Wednesday , B didn’t enjoy school. He completely disengaged last year ( year 11) he wasn’t happy there atall. He barely went in and I think he racked up an overall attendance of thirty percent , which the school said was their lowest attendance they’ve had ( not quite the right kind of achievement ) but somehow he pulled the grades he needed for college out of the bag and he’s really keen to do the plumbing course. It helps that his best mate is doing it too. but will he go , every day ? I hope so , I think so And then J , he stopped going to school at 14 , tried college last year but couldn’t cope and still struggles enormously to leave the house. He wants to get his ICT qualifications though. He seems ready this time. And having a diagnosis has done wonders for how he feels,
will he get there ? Will he cope ? Will he get enough support ? I don’t know , he hasn’t had any firm routine in his life for so long I don’t know how well he well adapt. I think he will but all I can do is support him and wait , hope and see.
And then we have O.
He hasn’t been at school full time for months. He spent most of year 3 wandering the school alone and tearing down displays , throwing chairs , having to restrained.things should be better now he has his diagnosis. At the meeting in July it seemed that lots of support will be in place. His new teacher is an experienced special needs teacher ,and he will still be going to the PRU. but will he cope. Will he manage full days , and lunch times , will he cope in the classroom. Will I be getting called to come and pick him up every day. I have no idea. It all rests on how much support he actually gets. I’m being positive. We have talked ALOT about school this week. And autism. We’ve been talking about autism so that he understands why he has struggles. But I just don’t know.
My routine will be back to getting up 5:30 every morning. Getting 7 people out on time , fed and organised, Supporting , pushing them onwards , keeping an eye on the support my boys get. O’s statement is in the process of being sorted out I need to start thinking about big school for O. And of course there are the uniforms the packed lunches , the homework , bedtime to organise every day.
I’m looking forward to having routine back although I will miss having the kids around. But I’m scared. Scared that this could all go wrong.
Hopeful but scared.


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  1. Your J sounds like my A – he is borderline bipolar and I pulled him from school when he was 13 as he had a breakdown.

    He starts college on Monday – his choice – to do English, Math & ICT.

    He was fine about it until last night, he had a panic attack last night and is now convinced he is going to fail! I finally managed to talk him down and he has promised to give it 100% until Christmas and then we’ll review.

    Good luck to our boys!

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