The one where Its not a tragedy


By the time O and J were both diagnosed I already knew they had ASD. I had long suspected it and had thrown myself into reading the hell out of it. Which is my answer to everything.
So the diagnosis didn’t shock me and didn’t tell me anything new. It confirmed my suspicions.
I’m not devastated I really can’t be bothered to sit and cry over it because frankly I haven’t got time and actually it won’t solve anything.
There’s nothing wrong with a good cry at all. I cry alot , its Just that in this situation for me I feel it’s a waste of energy and emotion.
I’d much prefer to put my energy into doing everything I can to ensure my boys always get the help and support they need.
I’ve read ALOT of ” articles” where parents feel guilty.
I don’t feel guilty.
As far as I’m aware I didn’t do anything to cause the autism.
And I’ve done everything possible to get them diagnosed and supported so guilt doesn’t come into it for me.
I do have some feelings of sadness , as far as I’m concerned the autism is just part of who my boys are , and there is no reason why they can’t be who they want to be …. But the lack of understanding and awareness in society will have ( I’m sure ) negative effects on them.Their education has already suffered . That makes me sad.
I could be angry. I’m sure I have reasonable grounds to be angry, why do my boys have autism ? Etc but again there’s nothing to be gained from anger. It’s not going to help .

What I do feel is proud , of my boys because things are that much harder for them so when they do achieve something I’m proud of them for getting over a hurdle , big or small every hurdle is something to be proud of.
And most of all I feel determined. Determined to help my boys and determined to do my bit for autism. By raising awareness , understanding and raising more money.
Yes my boys have autism but I won’t allow it to be a tragedy for them. They are physically well , it won’t shorten their lives and they can and will live fulfilling lives.


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