The one about tangle toys


O is a fiddler.
He’s always fiddling with something. It help to keep him calm and focused and also relaxes him.
He had a bag of ” fiddles” that the educational psychologist gave him , it contained ribbons , feathers , stretchy rubber things , bubble wrap , but the things that could be broken were broken very quickly and the feathers and ribbons didn’t appeal to him much .
I wanted to get him a really good fiddle because at home he tends to * whispers* fiddle with his hands down his pants all the time , not ideal.
I looked on amazon and searched autism fiddles.
It came up with tangles they are bendy twisty tangles things.
They come in a whole variety of colours and textures.
I bought O two of them. Small ones , one hard plastic one and one fuzzy.
O loves them. He’s always got one in his hand. He takes them apart and knots and tangles them up.
He joins the two together to make a big even more tangley one.
He fiddles with it while he’s on the laptop.
They are actually are very simple thing , but they have done the job I wanted them to do. They seem sturdy and they only cost around £3 each.
O really wants the hairy one and I think he will like the knobbly one.
I really would recommend these to anyone who has a child with a need to fiddle.



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