Before you go back to school ..


O , my lovely boy ,
In a week it will time to go back to school.
I know you didnt enjoy year 3
In fact it was absolutely awful
But we’ve had a lovely summer together.
We’ve had some good days out.
We’ve played I’ve even run around with nerf guns for you. ( it was fun)
We’ve had lots of cuddles
And lots of lazy mornings in bed
And we’ve got the answers we needed
I know you are worried about going back to school
But I think it will be better this year
They know why it’s a bit of a struggle for you
And they know its not your fault ( I always knew that )
They say they are going to help you
And I will be watching and making sure they do.
I will be on your side and fighting your corner every day ( for ever)
I will do my best to make it easier for you
We can walk to school quietly , I wont yabber on about stuff I know you hate when I yabber on on the way to school.
I won’t kiss you at the gate
I know it’s uncomfortable for you
But I’m gonna have to give you a little kiss goodbye before we leave home
On your forehead , and you can tap it in so it stays all day
And at home time I will be there every day , waiting for you , I will try not to have my worried face on i know you don’t like if i have my worried face when you come out. I will practise my ” me … worried … pah !! ” face for you. And I don’t mind if you come out a bit cross and don’t want to talk on the way home , we can walk quietly ( you always hold my hand by the time we get by the co-op anyway.)
I do hope that this year its easier for you to tell me me if anything upsets you at school or makes you cross though.
Because then I can help you.
And I want to help you.
I want my lovely boy to be happy at school.
I’m so proud of you that last year when school was really hard and you really didn’t want to go you were brave and you went anyway.
And I want you to be proud of me , I want you to be able to say …. My mum helped me when school was hard , she was on my side and she understood.

Me and you will get you through year 4 together. And O , I want you to always know that I’m proud of you even when you don’t have such a good day because you are my boy and I am your mum.


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