The school shoe shuffle , what a hoo ha


The kids are back to school next week so it was time for the annual visit to Clarks. For the school shoe shuffle.
The moves to the school shoe shuffle include the sales assistant going in and out of the back room multiple times with boxes of shoes , the kids putting their feet in and out of the shoes and me saying can we try another pair. The shuffle varies in the time it takes. Sometimes just one round of the shuffle , sometimes you go round and round.
Today was a day for going round and round !
I only had the 12 y/o Z and the 14 y/o E with me as the 15 year old already twisted my arm to buy her black vans and O is refusing to wear school shoes so I thought we would be quick.
Z went first , her feet were measured , half a size bigger than last year and she wanted the same lace up shoes that she had last year , easy , then E was measured.
She measured as 3 and a half which was odd as last year in Clarks she measured as 5.
She tried on a few pairs , they were too tight , so the assistant got all the shoes in a bigger width , still too tight , i asked the assistant to measure E’s feet again , she is definitely a 3 and a half so then we tried all the shoes in a bigger size , still too tight so the lady went upstairs to the ladies shoes and got a pair similar to the lace ups Z had chosen.
They fit nicely.
As the lady was boxing them Z sighed and said she liked E’s shoes better and rather dramatically wished she could have them too , so the lady went and got a pair for her .
About an hour after we got there we were done , we paid and left the shop assistant with a pile of shoes to put away and probably needing a lie down , by the entrance to the shop was a display , I saw it just a moment before Z and I knew exactly what would happen , ” OH MY GOD the have the same shoes … But SHINY. ” ( patent)
After much to-ing and fro-ing , because Z was a little embarrassed to go back in we went back in and asked if we could change the pair we just bought for a shiny pair.
They didnt have her size so they kindly ordered them and we will collect them on Friday.
We also had to buy school bags .
E had chosen a school bag in Clarks but Z wanted a bag from Claire’s which was a bit more pricey , I told her … Quietly I thought , that if I bought her the bag and she didnt tidy her room tonight I would cut the bag into tiny pieces. Cue laughter behind us ,and 3 ladies declaring to Z that they were all witnesses so she had better tidy her room.
The bag is either the weirdest or coolest bag ever … I’m not sure ….


It has a hood !

Thank goodness we only do the school shoe and bag shopping once a year.


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