The last week …


The last week of the holidays is here already. The bit where the girls were away felt really long at the time but now it suddenly feels like its all whizzed by.
We have lots of stuff to get done this week ….
We want to go to battersea park children’s zoo again as O really enjoyed himself there and the girls missed out when we went .
We also want to go bowling because the kids really enjoy that.
We have to do the dreaded school shoe shop , where we spend forever choosing shoes and I hand over ALL of my money to Clarks.
As well as the stationary shop.
I want to get to the entertainer toy shop as I was in there yesterday and lots of the things I was going to get for O for Christmas and his birthday are half price in there right now.
The boys need haircuts. Getting them to the hairdressers is not an easy job but its got to get done.
The big ones need done new clothes so they look smart for college , the 17 y/o has to enrol this week. So that means a shopping trip with the 16 and 17 year old ( never fun )
And I also have to go and get a copy of a birth certificate , the one I need is the only one I can’t find. ( as always )
If we manage to get that lot done i would really like to squeeze in a trip to either the war museum or the army museum as that’s the last thing left to do on our bucket list.

After all of that we will probably be needing a holiday … But it will actually be time to get the kids packed off back to school.

I hope it’s not just me that has left ALOT till the last minute.

Here’s to getting things done this week !!


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