A round up of who I’ve made ….


D is my eldest he just turned 20. ( yes Im that old ) born in August 93

He has been my calmest child. He didnt crawl till 18 months. There was nothing wrong , he was just too lazy.
He’s never actually given me a day of worry.
He’s at uni. Doing a degree in physics.
He’s a complete science boffin.
And he knows everything about everything. ( well , according to him)
He’s good at making pot noodles too.

Next is J. He is 17
born december 95

He was due on Christmas Eve but arrived two weeks early , blue , with his cord around his neck.
He has autism and OCD , anxiety and tourrettes. Diagnosed today , after 9 years of fighting.
He loves computers. Games. Consoles. He’s forever upgrading, downloading, modifying stuff.
He was IQ tested last year , scored in top 3 %
He’s just started level 2 ICT at college.

Then we have B. 16.
Born in April 97

He’s my fixer , painter , toilet seat mender. Also my spider remover. He’s very handy. Likes doing jobs. But nowadays only for money :-/
He’s just started college to do level 2 plumbing. He’s my clumsy one. He had 3 broken ankles in a row , left , right , left. He also stuck his hand up the Hoover when he was almost 1 and took a whole chunk of skin right off. Since he was a toddler and was always flooding my bathroom playing with the taps I said he’d be a plumber , looks like I was right.

Then we have a run of girls …

L 15
Born march 98

L is my footballer. Chelsea mad. She plays in a team. And trains almost every night. She has played at Stamford bridge !! She was a mascot at an England international game. !
She just did her bronze d of e award. She camped out in the snow.
She’s also very clever. Especially at maths and science.she just got her A in maths gcse. Usually wearing a Chelsea shirt.

E 14
Born July 99

E is quiet , a little shy , but just lovely. She likes to go to bed early !! Which is a rare thing among my children.
But shes the worlds fussiest eater , she’s a complete an utter take that nut.
She loves them , ALOT. We went to see mark Owen in concert for her 14 th birthday.
She’s also very good at drawing. She’s usually found on her bed listening to take that and drawing them.
She’s the reason I get up on time every morning. She bounces out of bed at 5:30 and makes sure I get up πŸ™‚

Z 12
Born August 01

Z is my funny little ginger nut.
She’s a little shy , she used to be very quiet. But not so much since she started big school. I worry as she’s always the youngest in her class. But she has blossomed this year. And become as chatty outside as she has always been at home.
She has a real flair for style. Clothes. Make up. Hair. She loves it all. She’s so Girly. She already loves handbags. And sleeps with curlers in.
She always cries at sad movies.
She’s cried all the way through a few. War horse and Hachi were emotional for her. ( and for me)

Last but not least we have O.

He is 8. Born in December 04

O has autism and tics.
He’s also a loving , funny , bright , cuddlesome( is that a word ? ) boy.
He mostly likes computer games.
And quite enjoys museum / zoo days out. He likes to learn. He’s always asking questions. He has the most awesome memory. He remembers everything
He’s sure he has been to china , he remembers it , always has done ( he hasn’t been )
Usually found in my bed.


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