Number 6 : a birth story.


Baby number 6 was due on the 6th of August. I had a healthy pregnancy with her. Barely any sickness and I felt well , up until around 5 weeks before she was born.
My blood pressure was high and had lots of swelling. I was being monitored every week.
Her due date came and went , and I started joking that she would probably be born on the 9 year olds birthday , but I didn’t want that. As the oldest of ( then) 6 I wanted him to have his own birthday.
My blood pressure had evened out although I felt dreadful. and they gave me a date for induction. August 2oth. The 9 year olds birthday.
I told them there was no way that was happening. I hoped and hoped she would show up before then. No luck.
I phoned my midwife and told her I would be at the hospital at 6:30 the next day.
I spent most of the 2oth sitting very still , ” keeping my legs crossed”
On the 21st 15 days over due I presented myself at the hospital “please get her out now ”
I was induced at 7:00 a.m
Nothing happened till lunch time. When I started in very slow labour.
By 3:00pm the contractions were strong and fast but baby wasnt coming.
They attatched monitors to her head and tried to break my waters. Her heart rate was very low , by evening I wanted to push , but for all the pushing in the world she still wasnt budging.
I was exhausted.
Her heart rate was still low
They Started talking about caesarean, they told me if she’s not born now we have to help her. Lots of doctors came in the room.
By now I was panicking , high on gas and air and desperate.
They tried to break my waters once more , as they did she popped out with a gush of fluid.
Now my first 5 were born with just a tiny bit of blonde fuzz , so when the midwife handed me a baby with a head full of ginger hair , standing 2 inches high my first words were ” she can’t be mine , mine don’t come with hair ” ( I totally blame the gas and air )

Now she’s about to turn 12 and she’s a wonderful chatty funny little madam. With beautiful ginger hair.
And she makes me proud every day.

I love you Zoë xx 💗💗


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