The tide has turned …


With the help of my parent support worker ( who is fantastic) last week I wrote an official letter of complaint to CAMHS because of their complete and utter lack of care of my two boys , spanning the last 7 years.
I wish I had done it sooner but if I’m honest when you are at your wits end it’s easy to blindly take what help you are offered and you don’t question it because well you don’t know about things like CAMHS and the whole SEN system until you deal with it.
I’ve tried expressing my concerns many a time before now but have Always been brushed off. A few months ago a parent support worker started working with me , ( she was referred to me by the family action charity ) and she has made a huge difference.
She did everything she could to get me more help and when we didn’t get anywhere she wrote my letter for me , I told her what to say but she made it sound all fancy.
Having someone on my side has really helped me find the strength to push for answers and support.
Anyway today I have a voicemail from the consultant psychiatrist , we sent him a copy of the letter as well as his manager.
It was a very grovelling phone call.

I’m so sorry you aren’t happy well you are now I’ve complained
It’s so hard to be so overwhelmed with cases and appointments not my problem
No one understands more than me how frustrated you are I don’t think you have a clue how frustrated I am
It seems that we have an appointment available on Thursday this week funny because previously you were adamant it would be October at the earliest
Bring O and if you can get J to come then bring him too.
We have questionnaires and assessments and forms to fill in ah, now you want to do all these things
Once again I’m so sorry you’re upset blah blah blah

* I should have mentioned the bold conversation is what I was thinking as I listened.

So it seems the power of a complaint is great.

I’m hoping that either my parent support worker or our youth support worker will come to the appointment , for back up , if not my mum will come.
She takes no nonsense.

I have a copy of the letter which I will take with me so I know what points I raised , and will make it clear from the start that I stand by my letter.
I will of course be taking my own advice , I will have my notebook with me and will write everything down

It seems that the tide has turned.

I hope so.


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