Blog every day in August : a summer memory


Day 18 : a summer memory

This time last year me and the kids were heading home from a lovely week in Weymouth. We stayed at the haven caravan park Littlesea.
I saved for two years to have this holiday , I had really wanted to take the kids to Littlesea because my mum and step dad used to have a caravan there. We had all our childhood holidays there , with my mum and stepdad and very often my nan and grandad from Norway. So it held ALOT of memories for me. My stepdad and nan and grandad have all passed away so it meant ALOT to me to show the kids the place that they all loved so much.
We had such a wonderful week , we swam everyday , we went to the shows in the ” night club ” every night and we had some lovely days on Weymouth beach.
We also went on a bus ride to Portland bill as we always went there whenever we were in Weymouth as children.
We went to the top of the lighthouse , I had done this so many times with my stepdad and nan and grandad. I even did it a couple of weeks before my first baby was born.
We ate breakfast and dinner together in the mash and barrel every day , croissants , and cooked breakfasts , and we have quite a few pappa johns pizzas.
I loved our week in Weymouth it was full of fun and memories. I’m hoping I can save up to go again.


Someone was a bit scared to go right to the top if the lighthouse. She did it though.


The girls in the sea.











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