The brink of motherhood …


I was 18 when I fell pregnant. The pregnancy was hell I was in and out of hospital on drips for 7 months as I couldn’t even manage water , I got married 5 weeks before baby was due , in a Dorothy Perkins maternity dress ( blue) and barefoot as my feet were too swollen for shoes.

I read every pregnancy book there was. The due date… The 19th came and went but on the afternoon of the 20th I felt a little plop , it was a show , I knew from my books. So I walked , yes walked to the hospital. husband didnt believe me that the baby was coming ( I KNEW) but the hospital is just up the road. They put me on a monitor , examined me and said it was just first time mum over eagerness. They sent me home. As my sister worked in the pub just a short walk from the hospital I decided to visit her and have an orange juice. By the time I reached the pub car park I had my first contraction. In the pub I sat on a bar stool screaming in strong labour. We got a cab ( my stepdad worked as a cabbie so they were ok with me in labour in the car. )Whilst this was happening phone calls were made to my mum and his mum. We got there in minutes. It had been twenty five minutes since the first contraction. They wheeled me straight into delivery. The next half hour involved ALOT of screaming , I also had my mum my sister , his mum and sister , my step dad in and out of the delivery room and oh god my mums neighbours daughter who i grew up with was in labour next door. So her mum and dad were in and out too , it was like Piccadilly Circus. I was screaming that he wanted to come NOW so they broke my waters and whoosh out he came. All 8lb 12oz of him. Not a tear or a stitch for me I did it with JUST gas and air. In just an hour, start to finish. He was fit as a fiddle.

One of my favourite memories is that 3 days later my stepdad came to take us home in the car . It was a five minute drive. It took an hour. He drove like a snail. He stopped driving
every minute to see if ” babby” was ok. And then to make sure he was warm enough. Was I holding him right , did he have enough blankets ? ( they let you leave with a car seat 20 years ago)
He was so proud. And so determined to bring the ” babby ” home in one piece.

I miss my stepdad.

And now the boy……


Will be 20 at 20 past 8 on 20th of the 8th.

I’m super proud of him.


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    • Thankyou x
      They got longer and longer. The second was 2 hours but he was two weeks early and had his cord round his neck then , 3 and 4 were around 5 and 6 hours , but 5 and 6 were both induced 14 days late I had epidurals with them and labour was around 9 hours , number 7 was another long one , 8 hours. I guess my womb was knackered a they were all close

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