Toy ( nerf) guns : yay or nay


Me and O played together all morning.
We had real fun together , it was lovely as O is generally quiet and serious , and usually playing on his tablet.
We were playing with Nerf guns.
I was just about to tweet about it , when I actually sat back and thought if I tweet this will I upset /annoy people ?
I really wasnt sure about where ” twitter ” stands on nerf guns.

Maybe I’m hypocritical because I did buy O nerf guns , and he’s had water guns in the past , but I wouldn’t buy him a toy gun that actually looked like a gun.

We have rules when he plays with them , no head or face shots , you don’t shoot someone who isn’t playing and you don’t shoot the dog.
He knows that they are a very different thing to real guns. He knows that real guns are not toys and shooting people with real guns is not fun.

He’s running about , I imagine aiming and shooting is good for his coordination and we don’t pretend to die or talk about killing eachother .

Perhaps if we lived in the USA for example where there is a much bigger likelihood of O coming across a real gun I may feel different about having nerf guns around the house. I know there have been accidents where siblings have shot siblings .

The thing is I think that it’s all about what I teach O.
I know I’m raising him to be anti violence , and to know right from wrong and when appropriate he will learn more about gun crime etc , I’ve got 3 older boys , 19, 17 and 16 they all had water pistols and nerf type guns and all three of them are anti violence. They all know guns are not toys !

I don’t buy O toy swords or knives , again maybe that’s hypocritical ? I don’t know.

I’ve loved seeing O running around playing with me , his brother and his sister this weekend really enjoying himself. He wants another Nerf gun for Christmas and I will probably get him one.

I’m writing this because I’m genuinely interested in other people’s opinions. It’s been a while since my bigger boys were at the age for wanting nerf guns so I really wasn’t sure what the general feeling is now. It probably won’t change my mind but I do like to hear others opinions.

Where do you stand with toy guns ?


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  1. I’ve never really thought about it in a serious sort of context. I had water pistols when I was younger and I’ve turned out okay.
    I tend to agree with you, it’s how you interact with the toy whilst in play.
    I love all the nerf products anyway, I’m not going to not allow M toy nerfs etc.
    As long as it’s treated at a toy and there are rules and boundaries I don’t really see an issue.
    I do have an issue with replica guns though. My parents next door neighbours have one. He’s 12 and has a target to shoot at etc. but they don’t interact with him in this activity.
    M was in the garden one day and a pellet flew in to the garden. My mum went over and just asked them to be careful because M was playing out there and they got really cross at her. Mum produced the pellet and they then shut up.
    That type of play I don’t really agree with. I don’t see why anyone should want to own or encourage their children to own replicas?
    So yes, nerfs are fine. Rules and boundaries are good. Unruly, unattentive play won’t be encouraged in this household.
    Interesting topic my lovely xx

  2. It’s a recognised state of child development, children need to role play this stuff, helps them be more rounded. We have lots of nerf, we usually play in the house, field or local park. Eye protection is a good idea, and we have pretty much the same rules regarding where to shoot. We are in a more rural area where guns are more common. Denying kids the chance to safely learn all this stuff is what makes them more keen when they are older, as well as more likely to misuse things like airsoft or ir guns. Nerf is a great tool for role playing, rule setting, co operative play, communication and hand eye co ordination. We had 3 generations of the family play last month!

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