Blog every day in August : wish list


Day 16 :

Wish list

I’m totally behind with this , I’ve been busy and to be honest feeling a bit ” meh” but I’m back on it and I will catch up ,

My wish list is in two parts , the things I want most are not material things they are the things I strive for every day.

I wish that O will settle into year 4 and have a much better school year now that the right help hopefully is in place.

I wish that my official complaint to CAMHS has a positive outcome – leading to a reassessment for my 17 y/o and that he gets the support to get him through college. second time lucky

I wish that my medication would do away with more of the pain and stiffness and swelling and that I can start to be less exhausted all the time.
I wish the IBS would F off !

I wish my body and my head would remember how to sleep.

I wish I could shift 3lbs

I wish mental illness was not a taboo subject. I wish more people understood and cared , and the same goes for autism.

I wish I could learn to paint the nails on my left hand as well as my right.

And because I’m human there are some materialistic things on my list.

I wish I could buy the shoes from Clarks that I’ve fallen in love with. and a handbag to match

I wish asda would have the bum and tum jeans in my size. I keep looking. They never have them

I wish to find the energy and the money to give this house a paint and a freshen up.

I wish my landlord would give me a new kitchen floor the current Lino is approximately 40 years old

Mostly I wish love health and happiness for my family

And I wish that we human beings could just all be a bit nicer to eachother.

Thank you for reading 😄


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