Sometimes I do happy …


I know I’ve been moaning an awful lot just lately , but honestly it’s not all doom and gloom.
There are plenty of things that make me happy

These are some of them ….

my kids
They are hard work , but they make me happier than anything else in the world .
Seeing them happy , spending time with them , seeing them doing well.

my dog Maxi and Milo the kitten

Maxi is two , I thought long and hard before getting a dog , but I’m so pleased we did. She’s a real pest , she’s quite yappy , she sleeps on my feet or my pillow and she won’t eat dog food ( ever) but every time I walk in the front door she is so happy to see me and gives me all the kisses , it’s a wonderful thing to have that. And having her curling up with me if I have a nap is just the cosiest thing, Milo is a new addition to our family. He’s a real character , he’s always busy finding mischief but he always greets me when I come in the front door just like Maxi does, his life’s mission is to get in the fridge every time it opens. I love that boy. .


a cup of tea
Especially a cup of tea and biscuits at my mums house. There’s nothing quite so relaxing. Putting my feet up at my mums with a tea that’s she has made and taking a few minutes to enjoy it always feels like ” coming home ”

I can’t afford big fancy adventures but I really love to take the kids somewhere new and have fun with them.
Museums , bowling , swimming , the zoo , we’ve had a few caravan site holidays. Even just an afternoon on the common. Going out places with them makes me happy.

I’ve said it a thousand times , reading is my favourite thing to do in my spare time , I love picking up a book and getting lost in a whole other world.
Settling down with a good book and cracking the spine right open definitely makes me happy.

kitchen dancing
You really can’t beat a good bit if kitchen dancing to work up a bit of happiness. I do believe its good for the soul.

I love a good nap. Especially if one of the kids or the pets come and snuggle up too.
Sometimes a good nap is all I need to shake off a case of the blues.

my blog
I’m stupidly proud of my blog.
I wasn’t sure that anybody would ever read it. But they do. And I’ve only ever had good comments and nice things said about my blog.
A friend of mine keeps my posts in a file on her computer , a few people have been really honestly moved by my words
I love my little space that I’ve created , I also love how supportive my twitter friends are about my blog , aswell as everything else.

Life is not always fun but I think it’s important every now and then to remember and appreciate the things that make you happy.

I was inspired to write this post by the wonderful @ktbtw she wrote a lovely post , this one

On her blog


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