Blog every day in August : tradition


Day 12 :

I’m afraid I’m going to get Christmassy in the post. You may need to lay down in a darkened room after reading. It’s too early for the “c” word I know but Christmas is my favourite time of year.

I love Christmas. I really do. I love everything about it.

When we were growing up we did Christmas a bit different to all of our friends , because my mum is Norwegian we always opened our presents on Christmas Eve … Which I didn’t love …and Christmas Day was spent with family which I did love.

Our first tradition every year is the writing of the Christmas list ( which subsequently gets rewritten approximately 365 times )

Our tree goes up on the 10 th December. This is my 17 year olds birthday , we’ve done it like this since he was 1 !

My kids usually have some involvement in the church Christmas show usually two weeks before Christmas so we will go along to that and I actually enjoy the carols at church. There are warm mince pies afterwards , I think this is where the Christmas feeling kicks in for me.

None of our presents ever appear under the tree until I put them there at about 3:00am on Christmas morning.
Even though we only have one believer now ( Oliver) I like the looks on everyone’s faces when “Santa” has been.

On Christmas Eve we go down the lane to the christingle service , while we are out the ” elves ” always deliver a parcel for each of us. New pyjamas. So after church we will all put our new pyjamas on and have a hot chocolate. And usually watch a Christmas movie.
Then we prepare a plate of food for Santa and the reindeer , sprinkle reindeer food outside and of course hang our Santa key on the outside door handle.

Christmas morning is obviously a blur of wrapping paper being ripped open, batteries being forgotten and bits of presents being lost in the mayhem.

We have our Christmas dinner , mum is usually with us for dinner and then spends the evening with us, in the evening we sit down to have a good look at our presents , and watch the Christmas soaps . Accompanied by an assortment of cheese and crackers and cider for the grown ups.

And of course we have birthday cake and presents for me because Christmas is not the only special thing that happened on 25 th December.


Christmas eve pyjamas !


Someone always get emotional watching a Christmas eve movie.


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  1. i love Christmas too. it’s much more magical since the children came along. we do the Christmas eve pjs too. 🙂 x

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