Blog every day in August : a quote to live by


Day 11:

A quote to live by ….

I don’t know where it’s from and I’m probably misquoting it but I heard a quote that goes something like this

whenever there is an opportunity use kindness
There is always an opportunity

This quote is one that I try to live my life by.

Kindness is a wonderful thing
It needn’t cost anything
It needn’t take much time

But a little kindness really can have a huge effect.

It can change a persons day
It can change their life

And it’s so easy Kindness comes in all sizes
It comes in all manner of ways

I have been touched by so much kindness. So much support on twitter.
So many people taking the time to help me with kind words.
So many people have given me their email addresses and phone numbers and been there for me whenever I’ve needed to talk.

A couple of months ago when my washing machine broke I really was in despair. I was saving for a new oven as we had been months with no oven and with 8 of us it took no time atall to be snowed under with washing.

A very kind twitter friend BOUGHT ME A WASHING MACHINE.
It’s the most amazing thing that’s happened to us.
And the kindness of @homelessbeanies really did have a wonderful effect on our lives.

I have a twitter friend who is in hospital right now and every single day it makes me so happy to see how much kindness she gets through twitter.
The most wonderful thing is that she still takes time to be kind and supportive.

Kindness really is amazing. And if everybody was a little kinder how much more wonderful would life be.

I try to always be kind , I try to teach the kids to be kind and I hope that my kindness makes a little difference to somebody somewhere.


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