Blog every day in August : why do you blog ?


Day 9 :
I’m taking part in @Mummytraining27’s blog every day in August. You can find her blog here. ( do take a look its very good)

Why do you blog ?

Why do I blog ? Well , I started blogging in February mostly because I was looking for an outlet , a way to vent my frustrations , a way to process my thoughts and I hoped a way to connect with somebody who may know what I was going through.
I have found that blogging really is a helpful process. When my head is full of stuff , I’m angry , sad , whatever , I blog about it.
While I’m writing – typing, who writes anymore?- it helps me to think through what’s in my head and because I’m not someone who plans my posts or drafts them first sometimes I actually find it useful to read back what has come out of my head. It helps me to understand myself.
Since I began blogging I have found many more twitter friends and bloggers with the same issues as myself , and some who don’t share my issues but are just lovely people , I have found the support network that I really needed.
And I hope that someday one of my posts has or will help somebody else.

Now that I have been blogging for a while – 6 months , I blog because I like it. I enjoy it. I have found a hobby that doesn’t cost me anything , I can do anywhere , on a bus , in the park , in bed , I’m proud of my blog , I’m proud that I’ve created this thing that is all mine and all me.
And I think that other people like it too. 😄😄


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