CAMHS : it goes from bad to worse


I won’t go into huge detail as j , we will call him J is a bit conscious about my writing about him. But here are some of the points • behaviour always tricky
•very over sensitive
•meltdowns ( violent , dangerous)
• withdrawing to his room for weeks on end • ever increasing OCD behaviours. He had that thing where they pull out their hair . • doesn’t leave the house. Not even into the garden.
• cannot communicate with a new person
• is disturbed by noise , and things going on around him
This angers him.
• he struggles with buses , often gets off early.
• has checking behaviours , the front door , his wallet , his phone ……
• has no insight that its not ok to stay in his room.

He was diagnosed 2 years ago with depression , and anxiety. Given meds for that and received a minimal support throughout. He wasnt able to finish college. Or secondary school because he had NO SUPPORT.

All the genius going nowhere.

The psych stopped his meds , incl. the one for Tourette’s and declared after a quick home visit where he caught J on a very rare good day that jack is now fine , magically cured. His CPN went on maternity leave , she was not replaced.

A new psychologist met him today. She strongly believe he has ASD. It all fits. All his symptoms.

In 9 years nobody picked this up.
They treated him for depression which she doesn’t think he ever had.

He’s never received counselling , therapy , cognitive behaviour therapy.

I’m fuming for him.
I’m fuming for me

I’m fuming when I think of all the help he should have got. If he’d got a statement he may have coped with school. Then college.

Instead he’s alone in his room.
Looking at a bleak future.

You WILL put this right CAMHS.


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