Blog every day in August : my guilty pleasure ….


Day 8 : my guilty pleasure

I have a few guilty pleasures , this is them

I’ve said before on my blog that my taste in music is questionable. It is.
I own 2 one direction albums. They are mine. Not the kids.
I own many many glee songs.
And I love an 80’s ballad

My favourite TV shows include GLEE and vampire diaries.
Not exactly brain food. But damn they are good TV.
It may or may not be partly because vampire diaries has these two in it



I have seen every episode of friends probably a hundred times each. And I still laugh every time.

As well as being a huge xfactor fan , again partly to do with this …


One of my favourite things to watch is ABBA the musical. We like to have an abba night. Which involves pizza , Pringles, dip , a bottle of coke and lots of singing along.

I’m a huge fan of criminal minds , I’m sure I’m not the only one , but my favourite thing about it is this …


My most guilty pleasure is that Im rather partial to a few chunks of a marvellous creations bar , the one with the jelly beans , in bed at night when I should be asleep.

Guilty as charged.


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  1. If you add less Glee and more Sharpe to your list you might be reading about me! The 80s, the lovely 1D (I blame my daughters!) and a heap of vampires – how could this be wrong? 😀

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