Blog every day in August : things you need to know about me


Day 7:
Things you should know about me

I’m taking part in blog every day in August
I’ve mixed the order up a bit because … Well my brain just doesn’t want to work in order

Here’s 10 things you should know about me

1: I’m painfully shy
, I think I often seem stand offish. Don’t let that put you off , I’m actually very nice if you give me a chance.

2: I have 7 children.
They are my greatest achievement , my pride and joy , my everything

3: I can’t handle my drink.
One glass of alcohol is always all I can take. I’m a cheap night out 🙂

4:I can’t run for a bus !
I’m slow and stiff , and have a little bit of a hobble going on.
Age hasn’t caught up with me yet , it’s my psoriatic arthritis.

5: I have dodgy taste in music ( very)
When I’m doing the housework you will usually find me busting some moves to one direction
I have a whole load of GLEE songs on my iPhone

* sorry , deletes blog *

6: I can’t deal with blood or broken bones.
When my children hurt themselves I will and do ( always) run away from them
Usually to scream for a neighbour.
They get lots of cuddles when they are cleaned up.
( this is the thing that most annoys me about myself )

7: I’m scared of ketchup
And needles

8: I was born on Christmas Day.
No , it’s not lovely.
You get overlooked.

9: I can’t sew ,
Nope can’t even sew a button on. In fact I can’t do anything remotely crafty.
I can’t even wrap a present.
The kids have often been given birthday presents in carrier bags.

10: I love my blog.
I’m incredibly proud of it.
It’s my own little place that I’ve created
And I’ve not done a bad job so far ( I hope )


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